The Company completes critical R&D initiatives with additional rounds of successful ballistics testing, has made significant introductions in the Brazil market, and has launched a multi-media marketing campaign on Police1.

December 14, 2022

2022 - Q4 Shareholder Update

AB Corp Q4 Shareholder Update

LAS VEGAS, December 14, 2022 –The year 2022 has been a pivotal one for the Company.  At the beginning of the year, the Company began working with a ballistics science company, and it was determined that additional ballistics testing was necessary. Those tests were supposed to be conducted in June, but because of technical issues at the labs the testing dates got pushed back to August and September with a final report issued in October. This slowed the Company’s progress getting to market, but it was the absolute right decision.

The testing revealed that a modification on the projectile was necessary in order to slow the velocity and reduce its impact energy. This was achieved by increasing the size and mass of the projectile and conducting additional tests to demonstrate that the projectile’s impact generated a probability of injury that fell within industry recognized levels of acceptable risk for blunt trauma. This report is available for interested parties upon request to the Company.

In November, Alternative Ballistics was invited by the U.S. Consulate in Brazil to present to several law enforcement agencies in the country, including Sao Paulo Police Department, for its ‘Law Enforcement Showcase’ on December 1st that was hosted at the U.S. Embassy compound in Sao Paulo. The Company was represented by its law enforcement team and its Brazil representatives, and the event was a great success.

During the week that our team was in the country, two live demonstrations were conducted in Brasilia for multiple Federal agencies and in Sao Paulo for the Sao Paulo Penitentiary and Civil Police, which has generated high interest among all agencies in attendance. The Company’s goal in Brazil is to move through the process as quickly as possible, including official testing and evaluation by SENASP-MJSP (National Secretariat of Public Safety – Ministry of Justice), a federal agency that operates similar to the NIJ in the U.S.  

Earlier this year, in June, the Company exhibited at the National Sheriffs Association summer conference in June, and despite the testing not being complete, there were many positive takeaways from the conversations had there. The Police1 campaign was launched in October and has already begun generating interest, and in the last few weeks, the Company has been conducting demonstrations for a few agencies and interested investors, along with a number T&E units that were shipped to interested departments around the country.  In 2023, the Company will be exhibiting at the SHOT Show in January and is scheduled to exhibit at other conferences throughout the year.

As the foregoing has detailed, 2022 was a defining year for getting The Alternative ready for an official introduction to the global law enforcement market. The Company also completed its two-year financial audit for the years 2020 and 2021, and the new patent filing in December 2021 has already been allowed to be issued. The Company has now just filed its PCT Application and additional filings in Argentina, Venezuela, and Paraguay.  

About Alternative Ballistics Corporation:

Alternative Ballistics Corp. provides a less-lethal force product to the law enforcement industry known as The Alternative® which serves as a de-escalation tool for certain types of lethal situations encountered by public safety officers in the line of duty. The device is a single-fire, less-lethal impact munition that is comprised of two parts, a docking unit and a special alloy projectile. The Alternative® attaches to an officer’s service weapon and upon firing, the bullet welds securely inside the projectile and is propelled by kinetic energy downrange as one single system traveling at 20% the velocity of a standard round with less penetrating energy. The Alternative® was developed by a group of diverse individuals from law enforcement, military, medical, academia, and business backgrounds, and it is backed by four patents with its current iteration representing the safest, most accurate, and most effective model for deployment in the product’s history to address use-of-force challenges, save countless lives, and protect officers in the line of duty.

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