The Alternative To lethal force

THE ALTERNATIVE® is a less lethal option for law enforcement when they come across a situation when lethal force may be justified but not necessarily needed.


What is a life worth?

Stop a threat without the destructive
internal damage of a bullet.

Catching a Bullet

Once, fired the bullet embeds itself inside the projectile as it’s propelled toward the target.

A Less Lethal Option

THE ALTERNATIVE® attaches to an officer’s firearm and immediately converts their weapon to a less lethal device.

Making a Bullet Safer

This technology represents a critical “missing link” in the use of force necessary to affect an arrest, by utilizing our bullet capture technology in appropriate situations.  When used, police are likely to prevent the loss of life in a way that was – until now – not possible.



An accurate, lightweight, affordable option that can be carried on the utility belt of any law enforcement officer, military or security professional.

Strong Construction

Proprietary alloy that allows the fired bullet to embed itself inside THE ALTERNATIVE® without the chance of escape.

Safe Operation

The docking unit safely mounts to the top of an officer’s firearm, keeping the operator’s hands and fingers safe.

Tactical Advantage

Allows for other attachments to the rail system, such as flashlights and lasers, with no obstruction to the gun or its performance.

Catching a Bullet

View of an unused new projectile

Alternative Research

With countless lives lost in shootings over the years, there has never been this type of technology that provides a safer and more effective option for law enforcement as a less lethal alternative.

Cut-a-way view showing the captured bullet

Alternative Development

Years of research, testing and human effects studies helped create THE ALTERNATIVE®. Feedback from PHDs, ballistics experts, LawEnforcement professionals, FBI and Special Forces helped us design a reliable and affordable option for law enforcement.

View of bullet captured in the projectile

Product Overview

Bullet capture device that catches a live bullet fired from a gun. It works like an airbag for a bullet...slowing the bullet down to 1/5 its normal speed while still retaining the blunt impact force to subdue a suspect, while lessening the lethal potential of the fired bullet.

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