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Alternative Ballistics Corporation was formed with a diverse group of individuals from law enforcement, military, medicine, and business backgrounds.


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Almost every day we’re hearing about suspects who are shot and killed by police officers where suspects only had a knife, baseball bat, machete, broken glass bottle, etc., or in some cases no weapon at all. While officers who arrive on scene are never fully aware of what they may encounter, if a suspect does not have a gun, THE ALTERNATIVE® can provide a safe and effective method to affect an arrest, while keeping the suspect and the officer safe. If the suspect complies, the officer can simply remove THE ALTERNATIVE® and return it to the holster on his/her duty belt for later use.

If the situation escalates, the officer’s firearm immediately returns to its normal function for follow up shots, and can be used if necessary, in accordance with their department’s “use of force” policy if lethal force is deemed necessary by the officer.

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Our executive team comes with diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, operations and marketing.

Steve Luna
Chief Executive Officer
Bert Rhine
Chief Operating Officer


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Alternative Ballistics offers a variety of training courses/classes. We can train your law enforcement officers or we can train your firearms and ballistic trainers (“Train the Trainer”) who can, in turn, train your officers.

We can custom tailor the training from 1 to 3 days, as a department may require. Please feel free to contact us for further information on the training.

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