HOw it works

THE ALTERNATIVE® is made of a special aluminum alloy projectile
that captures a bullet through friction, heat, and immense pressure.
It is propelled downrange by kinetic energy at 20% the velocity of a normal bullet.

The Alternative®
protects officers &
bridges a critical
safety gap  


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THE ALTERNATIVE® sits in a custom holster on an officer's duty belt, readily available for immediate use, once it's been determined that the officer has an applicable situation, appropriate timeframe, and ample distance from the threat to safely apply it.

It is designed for a fluid, one-handed removal of the device and subsequent docking onto the top of the weapon within seconds. Most importantly, this can be accomplished without the officer removing his or her eyes and weapon from the threat.

Once the bullet is fired into the projectile, it becomes one unit traveling downrange at 20% the velocity, and with the same precision, of a normal bullet to impact the threat with incapacitating energy that is safe and effective.  

Less Lethal Force

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THE ALTERNATIVE® decreases the velocity of a bullet by 80% and allows the projectile to impact a threat with less-lethal, non-penetrating energy, to incapacitate a targeted individual with little risk of death or critical injury.

If the crisis is resolved without the need to discharge the weapon, the officer can quickly and easily remove THE ALTERNATIVE® from their firearm and return it to the holster for later use.

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In law enforcement encounters
that involve a weapon other than a gun,
officers generally have limited 'alternative' options
to their firearm, which are readily available.   

officers' options are generally limited

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Every situational conflict with a suspect is different, and although lethal force may not be necessary in many encounters, officers are arriving in most situations with only their firearm. They may have access to less-lethal options, but those options are usually not readily available and/or appropriate for situations that may rise to a lethal threat.

, on the other hand, is designed for immediate accessibility, deployment efficiency, and applicability in lethal situations, where a non-compliant subject possesses a weapon other than a gun, to resolve the conflict with less-lethal force and safely affect an arrest.

The device is carried on an officer's duty belt for easy access and can be mounted onto a firearm within seconds. The orange color of the docking unit is to let the public and other officers know that a less-lethal device is being deployed, and the officer should follow training protocols and their department's "use of force" policies when determining if and when to apply THE ALTERNATIVE® in appropriate situations.

The alternative with soft carry pouch


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Our mission is to provide law enforcement an effective less-lethal tool that can be utilized at longer ranges,
which results in optimal safety for the officer and preserves the life of an individual in crisis.  

Once fired, the bullet welds inside the cavity of THE ALTERNATIVE® projectile, becoming a new single unit
that travels downrange at 20% the velocity, and with the same precision, as a bullet
to incapacitate an individual, while posing little risk of death or critical injury.