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Our mission is to provide law enforcement a less lethal tool that can be utilized at longer ranges than other devices, preserving the life of the suspect, while protecting officers.

The Alternative® Was developed to fill the void in SITUATIONS WHERE LEthAL FORCE MAY BE JUSTIFIED BUT NOT NECESSARILY WARRANTED, while keeping officers safe.

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THE ALTERNATIVE® sits in a pouch/holster on the officer's duty belt for immediate use if the officer can safely apply it. It is designed to allow for a fluid, one-handed removal of the device and the subsequent seating of THE ALTERNATIVE® onto the top of the weapon within seconds. Most importantly, this can be accomplished without the danger created by an officer removing his or her eyes and weapon from the threat.

Once the bullet is fired from the gun into the projectile, they permanently become one unit. The docking unit will automatically eject from the weapon and the firearm instantly returns to its normal function cycling in a new round, for lethal force if necessary.

Less Lethal Force

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THE ALTERNATIVE® decreases the velocity of the bullet by 80% and allows the projectile to impact the threat, lessening the bullet’s penetrating energy, causing the suspect pain but with less internal injury to the body than a conventional bullet. A third-party study shows less than a 2% chance of penetration, protecting the life of someone shot with THE ALTERNATIVE®.

If the crisis is resolved without the need to discharge the weapon, the officer can quickly and easily remove THE ALTERNATIVE® from the top of the weapon and return it to their belt pouch for future use.

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A bullet fired from an officer’s firearm can kill a suspect. Using THE ALTERNATIVE® can help to mitigate the situation to be able to arrest the suspect, keeping the suspect alive.


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Every situation with a suspect is different, and lethal force may not be necessary, but in most situations officers arrive with only their firearm. They may have other options in the trunk of their car, but they are not readily available. THE ALTERNATIVE® is carried on a law enforcement officer’s duty belt and is easily accessed and can be quickly mounted on the officer’s firearm within seconds.

If the situation escalates, the officer can fire his duty weapon, sending THE ALTERNATIVE® towards the suspect at 20% of the speed of a normal bullet, and will most likely knock the suspect to the ground. If the officer misses the intended target, their weapon is now instantly converted back to a lethal force firearm and can be used if necessary, in accordance with their department’s “use of force” policy. The orange color of the docking unit is to let the public and other officers know that the officer is using a less lethal device and before firing, the officers should yell “Less Lethal” so that other officers in the area are aware that THE ALTERNATIVE® is being deployed.

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Our mission is to provide law enforcement a less lethal tool that can be utilized at longer ranges than other devices; thereby resulting in greater safety for the officer, while preserving the life of the suspect.

THE ALTERNATIVE® is made of a special aluminum alloy that captures the bullet through friction, heat, and immense pressure. The cavity inside THE ALTERNATIVE® is designed to capture the live round fired from an officer’s firearm using only manufacturer approved factory ammunition.

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