The alternative to lethal force  

Mission statement Developing effective life saving technology for law enforcement and military agencies worldwide. Our products provide a unique, effective, affordable and rapid solution to lethal situations while aiding in maintaining the safety of law enforcement officers and the general public. What is a life worth?

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Alternative Ballistics provides law enforcement and military professionals with innovative and affordable devices using the kinetic energy of a bullet to subdue subjects with blunt force trauma instead of using lethal force. We have developed a device that instantly converts an officer's duty weapon from a lethal system to a potential life-saving tool while allowing the officer to cover the threat with their weapon. It has been designed to incapacitate an individual through blunt force trauma with a diminished risk of serious injury or death. It's named THE ALTERNATIVE™.

Though it sounds unbelievable, we actually have perfected bullet capture technology through 10 years of research and development and human effect studies. THE ALTERNATIVE™ has been thoroughly tested with years of law enforcement and special forces feedback on design and function.

THE ALTERNATIVE™ gives law enforcement options in lethal force situations. Our devices add another level of safety for both the operator and the suspect.


Alternative Ballistics™ 619.326.4411 US Patent No. 7,526,999 US & International Patents Pending