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A bullet attachment that could save lives?

It looks like a toy attachment for a gun, but this new device is intended to give suspects a chance to live if shot. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.

CBS News

New weapons tech makes bullets less deadly

The goal whenever cops draw their guns is not only to stop a deadly threat but also to save as many lives as possible.


Ferguson police gun technology: officers begin training with ‘less lethal’ attachment

Ferguson authorities have begun testing a less-lethal gun attachment in wake of the highly controversial shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager killed by police officers in August, according to a Washington Post report.


"The Alternative" to Lethal Force. San Diego Fox 5 News. By Alternative Ballistics

Bullet capture device that catches a live bullet fired from a gun. It works like an air bag for a bullet, knocking the suspect down delivering an immense amount of pain while lessening the lethal potential of the fired bullet.

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Aiming for a leg or shooting a weapon from a criminal's hands may be an option for cops in the movies, but real police officers are trained to shoot for the center of mass, not necessarily to kill, but to stop – although the end result can often be the same.


When fired, the bullet smashes into a sphere made of a proprietary alloy; this both reduces the speed by 80% and spreads out the point of impact, so instead of penetrating the target, the bullet bounces off.

Popular Science Magazine

Made by Alternative Ballistics, “The Alternative” is a pistol accessory aimed at law enforcement that promises to slow the first bullet fired by 50 percent, protecting bystanders and offering a less lethal, well, alternative.

St. Louis Post Dispatch

Plans to test the product, marketed as “The Alternative,” were described in a Washington Post story this week that Chief Thomas Jackson said might have overstated the department’s interest.

CNN Money

Welcome to the world of nonlethal weapons ... or less-lethal, to use police parlance, because there's no guarantee that they won't kill you.

The Washington Post

About a month after a white officer fatally shot an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., the city’s assistant police chief, Al Eickhoff, took to Google and searched under the words “less lethal.”

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